Stachow-Metall since 1989

How we have evolved

The beginning: zinc and lead

With his extensive experience in procuring zinc- and lead-containing residues, in 1988 Jost-Hinrich Stachow became self-employed and in 1989 founded his own company GMH Jost Hinrich Stachow GmbH..

The transition: rare metals, electronic and special metals

Ever since then, the company works with the international trade of non-ferrous metals and their waste and residues; mineral ores and commodities of any kind, as well as their processing; the acquisition of commissions and agency businesses dealing with the trade of ores, metals or commodities as well as consultations regarding ratings, procurement, processing and marketing of metals.

Additional to the initial focus on the base-metals zinc and lead, the company now also expanded to dealing with rare, electronic and special metals.

Today: Specialist for special materials

Reliability, inventiveness and competence are the qualities that made Stachow-Metall into an internationally recognized business partner for clients in the USA, Asia, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), especially when it comes to the procurement of materials or finding recycling possibilities for residues.

Our Team – Your Contact Persons

Our contact to clients and business connections are characterized by trust and personal address. This is what our team is for. Whether it is an inquiry, consultation or order processing – we work confidentially, personally and professionally. Every single one of our contact persons is available to you!

What we do best


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