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Whether it is the long-standing commodity trading or the administrative support for foreign business transactions – we will be there to professionally and reliably guide you. The extensive experience we have in the non-ferrous metal trade is what will help us find the solution that you need. Whether you are concerned with the disposal or the supply of metals, the wide range of our happy customers ensures that we will take care of you – be it engineering or working with jewelry, foundry or chemical industries, we are the right fit for you.

Long-term Commodity Trading

Lead, zinc, tin, cadmium and man other metals, also including rare nonferrous metals, fall in the category of the materials that we work with.

Thanks to the versatile and complex connections we cultivate with industrial companies all over the globe, we are able to provide a longstanding supply of commodities, which are consistent in their composition and quality. We also specialize in inquiries about special alloys – just contact us!


We will be here to help you, if you are having troubles finding ways to recycle your waste!

We cultivate business relationships to industrial companies all over the globe and have extensive experience when it comes to environmentally appropriate recycling of metals. Thus, we can help recycle many types of residues in a duly and proper manner. With this, we do not only preserve local resources, but we also help to protect the environment and preserve valuable commodities from the landfill.


The cross-border transportation of valuable commodities from waste materials is getting more and more complicated and therefore require a great administrative effort.

Within the scope of the quality management that we have established in our company, we have taken extra precautions to properly process the necessary notifications for commodities that are labeled as waste. Namely, we provide full service for the qualified preparation previous to the transport, the insurance, the conduct and further processes of notifications. As an approved and certified waste management facility, we are reliable and quality-cautious in supervising the notification of non-ferrous commodities.


There are many ways to seperate the metal content from metalliferous waste into valuable resources of raw metals.

We will provide proper reprocessing services to recover the metal content that was won from metalliferous waste into your production flow. We furthermore provide consultation and arrangement for processing facilities of complex scrap such as electronic scrap (containing aluminum, copper and plastic).

Mediation of business contacts

If needed, we would love to set you up with competent business partners. We have a giant network!

There are certain materials of the non-ferrous metals and their residues and scraps that our company does not deal with. In cases like these we will use our well-assembled network of business partners and contacts to help you out. Don't hesitate to contact us about materials, that do not exactly fit into our area of expertise.

Samples and Analyses

We will employ samplers and compile professional analyses for you.

In order to analyze the exact composition of the materials, our company works with highly professional samplers. If you need an analysis of your materials, you can rely on our exact and precise findings.


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